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About Maktaba Books

We are Maktaba Books and we are a peer-to-peer community library. Books that have been collecting dust on your shelves are given life again when they are borrowed by one of our readers for free.

Our mission is to increase access to knowledge, especially for books on Islam and Malay Studies, and to further build up the Malay-Muslim community in Singapore.

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The Maktaba Books team

Maktaba Books would just be a random idea scribbled on a piece of tissue and would not have come to life without our passionate volunteer team. Here are the people that have been working behind the scenes to help you get access to free Islamic & Malay books.

Nurhadi Taha, Community Manager

Just glad to be able to bring people together whilst learning many things along the way. Here to build Maktaba Books one conversation at a time.

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Izza Haziqah, Content Manager

A public servant who enjoys pursuing her literary interests and working within her community. She loves meme culture, digital illustration, free classes, and local food. In Maktaba Books, she’s happy to manage the content while learning a lot of the cool tech stuff that Azrin and Nurhadi does.

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Azrin Hamdan, Growth & Product Managers

A full-time marketer that spends his free time balancing between perfecting his teh tarik and playing ukelele for his cat . At Maktaba Books he handles the no-code tech setup and works together with Nurhadi & Izza in growing Maktaba Books.

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