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The Excellence of Knowledge


Author: al-Hafiz ibn Rajab al-Hanbali (Translated by Abu Rumaysah)

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This Small treatise brings to light many amazing and intricate points of benefit with regard to knowledge and discerning between which of its types are beneficial and non-beneficial. The Prophet praised some forms of knowledge while condemning others, at times he would ask Allah to grant him beneficial knowledge while at other times he would seek refuge in Him from non-beneficial knowledge. It is for this reason that the author took on the task of clarifying the various types, characteristics, signs, and consequences of both beneficial knowledge and non-beneficial knowledge in this short treatise, as well as affirming the superiority of the knowledge of the predecessors (Salaf) over the knowledge of those who succeeded them (Khalaf). A Good book with reminders and admonitions to assist and guide any sincere Muslim in his quest for seeking knowledge.

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The Excellence of Knowledge

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