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Sacred Archery, the forty prophetic traditions


Author: Compiled by Mustafa Kani (Translated from Ottoman Turkish by Radhia Shukrullah)

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Telhis-i resailat-i rumat, translated from Ottoman Turkish

Including the Forty Prophetic Traditions on Archery from the Kitab of Abdullah Effendi

Select Contents:
• Archery Terminology
• Woods from which bows and arrows are made
• Masters of archery and their techniques
• S’ad Ibn Abi Waqqas
• The Art of Archery and the Holy Quran
• Ibn Arabi’s Explanation
• The Mystery of the Qabze (Bowgrip)
• Sayings About the Thumb Lock
• The Archer’s Stance for Aiming and Shooting
• The Siper and Sighting
• Concerning Training
• Haki and Pisrev Arrows
• Ceremony of the Receiving of the Qabze
• The Divine Names of al-Wahid and al-Ahad

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Sacred Archery, the forty prophetic traditions

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