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Reaping rewards as if living for 7000 years


Author: Al-Ustadz As-Sayyid Ahmad Haris As-Suhaimi

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The collection of verses from the Quran and the hadith of the Prophet clearly show that such a large reward promised to the ummah of Prophet Muhammad so they can achieve the reward similar to living for 7000 years or more!

This book explains how to get a great return on investment in the Hereafter and how to avoid losses. It also answers the wrong perception to the teachings of Islam and the misconception of the meaning of true ‘ibaadah.⁠⠀
Among the topics discussed are:⁠⠀
• How to earn great rewards with a little practice that is equivalent to living a thousand years in this world, at the same time getting a high rank in the Hereafter.⁠⠀
• Ways to obtain forgiveness of sins from Allah through simple sincere practices.⁠⠀
• How to avoid your numerous rewards from diminishing in the Hereafter.⁠⠀
• How to lift your spirit to be diligent in performing acts of ‘ibaadah and increase the love of Allah, surpassing the love of all creatures.⁠

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Reaping rewards as if living for 7000 years

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