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Dear Beloved Son


Author: Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali

Pick-up location: Tampines , Temasek Poly

This book by Hujjatul Islam Imam Al-Ghazali offers advice to children who are about to enter adulthood. How to communicate with your neighbors and elders, how to dress suitably, how to socialize correctly offers advice on manners and respect offers clear and concise guidance on communication with parents.
To counsel others is an easy matter, the difficulty is accepting advice since it is bitter for those who follow their own inclination and desire. They love the forbidden from the depth of their hearts. This is more applicable to seekers of knowledge and students of learning, those of them who are busy with the benefits of this world. They believe that mere abstract knowledge, without proper action, will rescue them. This is the belief of the philosophers. Praise and Glory be to Allah, the Greatest of all. They do not know this much, that when they acquire knowledge, if they do not work according to it, the indictment against them is certain. The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said “The person most severely punished on the Day of Judgment is the learned one who did not follow Allah’s guidance and did not benefit from his knowledge”.

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Dear Beloved Son

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